GU-Sioux Falls Massage Students Received More Than Just Hands-on Training

Learning to help people relax is part of a massage therapist position. As part of that training experience, individuals enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at Globe University receive hands-on training experience in each one of their classes.

As part of the Pregnancy and Special Population class, students are given advanced training skills to work with unique varieties of people. Students are trained on how to work with individual who are pregnant, hard of hearing, have visual impairments, and/or other needs that would require their skills to be altered from the average client. However Wednesday November 9, students enrolled in the Pregnancy and Special Population class at Globe University Sioux Falls received more than just hands-on training; they received a lesson in giving back to our community as well.

As part of their service-learning projects, students offered a special session of massages for residents of DakotAbilities. Founded in 1965, DakotAbilities is a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with varying levels of abilities and disabilities. Four individuals graced our campus with their presence to partake in this event. Each individual received special chair massages based on their wants and needs. This was a great way for our students to help understand their class objectives as well as providing members of our community with some much needed pampering.

Student Shauna Allman stated, “The opportunity to work with Dakotabilities in our school clinics was a phenomenal experience. This was a priceless learning experience you cannot get from any lesson or book. Learning to customize the modalities of massage, along with techniques and communication skills to best suit the client’s special needs brings to the surface the best benefits of massage with touch therapy. It was very rewarding . . . . Knowing it is the little things that are so big taught me more than I was expecting to learn.”

Shauna Allman practicing her hands-on skills on a client