GU Sioux Falls Students Help Women Experience A Night Out

Raising awareness for diseases does not always seem like it would be a fun and entertaining task. However Avera Heart Hospital is challenging that concept with their Heart and Soul Event.

A great deal of planning and preparing went into such an event and Globe University’s Medical Assistant Patient Care I class was there to help with this event. This was the second year for the Heart and Soul Event. The event is to raise awareness for heart disease in women while providing an educational and entertaining ladies night out.

This year the event had roughly 225 ladies gather at the Washington Pavilion for an evening out. There was information on living a heart healthy life, food and drinks provided, guest speakers, and several vendors offering multitudes of information. Globe University students were there to help with the vent run smoothly by greeting guests, providing information on the event as well as interact with members of the community. The students were able to gain true experience on professionalism as well as client interaction while at the same time they were learning more about heart disease and how to share this information. The students also gained hands on experience on networking.

Cassie Esparza described her experience by stating “everything about it was purely great and if I could I would do it all over again. I really don’t have any words that can describe how much I enjoyed it and what I learned from it. It was simply incredible.” Hooria Aman, another Globe University student was also affected by the event stating “the Heart and Soul event was an amazing experience and it changed my view of life.”

Raising awareness for a disease can truly be a great way to learn while also having a good time. The students at the Heart and Soul event were able to gain experience and knowledge that classrooms are not always able to provide.