GU-Wausau partners with Plz…Give the Keys, brings message to GU-Wausau and local High School students

Keeping our roads safe, educating students and the public on Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness is a message the GU-Wausau Criminal Justice Program made a priority during Fall Quarter. And, not only did they deliver this message to the GU-Wausau campus, but patnered with Plz…Give the Keys and extended the message to local high school students. Criminal Justice Program Chair Colleen Handrick helped organize an all-school assembly at Marathon High School.

At the High School assembly GU-Wausau’s CCRS Christine Ellis shared GU-Wausau’s Mission to build successful futures through positive choices, then introduced Terri and  Tom Goudy.  They are the founders of  Plz…Give the Keys, a non-profit organization committed to educating people and helping them make commitments to safe driving.

The Goudys shared the story of their son, Samuel’s tragic loss of life through an inspiring and heart-felt message, and an engaging multi-media presentation.  Sam was a 20- year old, who on a brief leave from his Army duties, was hit head-on by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on a divided highway.  Through their loss, Terri and Tom decided to persevere and put their grief to work by helping people make  commitments  to keeping roads free of drunk drivers.

Following the high school presentation,  The Goudys travelled to GU-Wausau’s campus and presented their message to GU-Wausau students, staff, and faculty in the Commons.  While at Marathon High School and GU-Wausau, Plz… Give the Keys was able to deliver over 300 light blue bracelets, handed out to attendees who made a  commitment to  preventing themselves or others from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influencePictured: Colleen Handrick, CJ Program Chair, Terri and Tom Goudy. of alcohol or other drugs.

Colleen Handrick, the Criminal Justice Program Globe University-Wausau students and staff desired to support and grow this engaging, positive organization.  They developed a fundraising campaign in collaboration with thAODA Awareness Week.  Through a Penny War fundraiser, Popcorn sales, and donations, the club was able to present $420.20 to Terri and Tom after their presenation to GU-Wausau.

GU-Wausau has a jar of light blue Plz…Give the Keys bracelets available at the front desk and is committed to keeping the roads safe.