Health Care Management Student Lands Internship by Sharing His Passion

Health care management student Michael Stacey wants to help others. This he knows for sure. In fact, he’s passionate about it. He shares this dream with almost everyone he meets. It was his innate networking skills that helped him land an internship at AIDS Network.

Michael shared his passion and dream of helping others with the career services staff at Globe University–Madison East, and when this internship came across their desks last quarter, they knew immediately who to contact.

Michael Stacey, AIDS Network,

Michael with some of the silent auction items for the Red Ribbon Affair

“This is a dream opportunity for me. I believe that by networking with the staff at Globe and sharing my passion, I was at the forefront of their minds when this opportunity arose.”

After completing an application and having an interview, Michael was offered the internship with AIDS Network. He began working there in late February and works 6-8 hours weekly.

Currently Michael is assisting the development department by placing calls to donors for the upcoming Red Ribbon Affair silent auction. The Red Ribbon Affair is the second largest annual fundraiser for AIDS Network and is scheduled for May 9th at the Overture Center in Madison. Michael helps secure donations and coordinates the pick-up of those donations. He will also be helping at the fundraiser by assembling donations and cashiering.

“Through his work with silent auction donors, Michael has become a trusted representative of AIDS Network, able to speak eloquently about both the event and the agency,” said AIDS Network Assistant Director of Development Katie Childs. “We are grateful not only for the legwork he puts into his duties, but also the tremendous heart he bring as well.”


Michael’s Advice to Students Interested in an Internship

Michael shared some of his advice for students who may be interested in seeking out their own internship.

  1. First and foremost: be prepared. I had my resume all set and only needed to do some minor tweaking to have it and a cover letter ready. In fact, it took me less than an hour to get it all together and submit it for consideration.
  2. Find your passion. Know what you want to do and work hard to create that reality. Opportunities are often created within ourselves and organizations by identifying needs that they may not see.
  3. Create a vision for yourself and see yourself doing it. I have practiced this a lot in my life. When you let this shine, others will see this and when opportunities present themselves, they will know just the right person to contact.
  4. Be prepared to work hard and stretch your skills. You will gain confidence and knowledge by being flexible and open to new ideas.

“AIDS Network is grateful for its growing relationship with Globe University and welcomes other intern applicants to join Michael in work throughout the summer,” said Childs.

If you are interested in applying for an internship with AIDS Network or you want to learn more about other internships, contact the career services department.