Health Fitness Students Create Marketing Video for a Fellow Grad’s Business

Globe University-Woodbury HFS students develop video for Sales and Marketing of Fitness class

Making a commitment to working out is not easy. Some people do not know where to begin and could benefit from a professional trainer’s guidance and encouragement. Others are committed to exercising, but could use some additional motivation or instruction to take their conditioning to a higher level. Many people do not know that fitness facilities can tailor conditioning programs to individual needs, or that working out with others can be rewarding and fun.

A Sales and Marketing of Fitness class at Globe University-Woodbury collaborated with G-Force Fitness Solutions to develop a promotional web video.

The students visited the gym to learn more about the facility and programs. Once the students determined what they wanted to film, they developed a storyboard that addressed the key features to be highlighted in the video.

They spent a day interviewing Gerardo Aguirre and his clients and filming classes in action. Back at campus, they edited the footage and created a DVD for Aguirre.

“Working on the promotional video for G-Force was a great learning experience. It expanded my knowledge in video making which will help me later in my career if I want to post my own workout video sessions online,” said Jessica Vick, Globe University-Woodbury Health Fitness Specialist Student. “ I received one-on-one experience with interviewing and editing a video. Overall, it was a lot of fun being able to be creative with the service-learning project.”

G-Force Fitness Solutions at Victory Sports and Fitness offers a variety of strength and conditioning programs including boxing boot camp, personal training, fitness boxing and coaching. In addition, the G-Force Elite Athletics program integrates the five components necessary for peak athletic performance: dynamic balance, core strength and stability, muscle reaction time, explosive strength and power, and speed, agility and quickness.

Gerardo Aguirre, a Globe University Health Fitness Specialist graduate, developed this training philosophy by integrating science and time-tested principles of physical conditioning. His goal is to design training programs that are challenging, fun and tailored to specific fitness goals.