Helping Heroes in Planning for the Future

Wills for Heroes, an organization to help police officers, firefighters, emergency medical professionals, paramedics and correction officers plan for their future was where Jeannie Loehrer discovered her paralegal skills could be utilized.  While a student in the paralegal program’s Field Preparation class, Jeannie became a data entry volunteer at Wills for Heroes.

Data entry volunteers work with attorneys and paralegals in helping service professionals and their spouses create a will, power of attorney, and healthcare directive.  Clients of Wills for Heroes complete a questionnaire which the data entry volunteer then enters into Word to create these important documents.  Data entry volunteers also serve as a witness as the documents are signed and notarized.

Jeannie states, “The Wills for Heroes program is truly an amazing way to give back to those who put their lives on the line for the people in our country every day. Though the subject matter may seem depressing, it is quite rewarding to be able to help people plan for their futures, especially when they work in such high-risk professions.”

Wills for Heroes was introduced in 2007 by Minnesota State Bar Association and is made up primarily of volunteer attorneys and paralegals.