Hitting the Bullseye in Bullying

A group of students in the SS103 Global Citizenship class  “took aim” at the problem of bullying among youth. The students interviewed school personnel to find the roots of bullying and steps to counter the behavior.

Allison Louks, a student involved in the project states, ” We’ll be giving a Power-Point presentation addressing the verbal and physical aspects of bullying, covering some of the reasons a bully or bully victim feels the need to act the way they do, how it follows through, and what to do about it if you find yourself or one of your friends in that situation.”

At the end of the presentations the students plan to have a few scripted skits for the audience of  youth from the Eau Claire Children’s Theater and the local Girl Scouts troops to take part in.  The students hope that “targeting” this audience with information will help stop the bullying cycle.