How Can You Help Save 78 Lives?

Zack Neal and Ashley Scott help set up.

Globe University-Green Bay teamed up with the Red Cross to host a blood drive on campus with a goal of collecting 20 pints. The drive resulted in 30 percent more than the goal at 26 pints, which could save up to 78 lives! 

Giving blood means so much more than the simple act of spending time donating. Judi, a registered nurse who works for the American Red Cross, explains, “People don’t realize how much blood is needed and how much is used daily or how it’s used. For example, a lot of the blood products are used for certain situations–blood platelets are used for burn victims.”

Ashley Scott, lead Global Citizenship instructor, students and staff volunteered their time to assist with the blood drive. Ashley facilitated the blood drive, organizing students, recruiting donors, and completing other tasks. Students and staff worked the registration table and provided assistance to Red Cross workers. Nicole Virant, the Globe-Green Bay’s community manager, helped promote the blood drive via Facebook and Twitter.

Why People Choose to Give Blood

Veronica Kruse, medical assistant program chair, shares why she choose to donate.“I gave blood today because my good friend passed away this weekend and needed a lot of blood. [I] felt compelled to donate blood,” she said.

Community member Beth Lacat jokingly said, “Because I am O negative and they call me all the time!”

Why People are Reluctant to Donate

Maggie Lee, a vet tech student, said, “A lot of time people aren’t fully educated, don’t know the process or eligibility” when it comes to why some opt out of donating.

How to Encourage a First-Time Donor

Students and staff had many ideas to help encourage a first-time donor, such as talking about the benefits. The best suggestion was to use a buddy system and do it together with a friend or coworker.

Globe University staff and students are committed to working with the Red Cross and look forward to continuing to run successful blood drives to help Brown County and the Northeast Wisconsin region. Share your experiences with blood donation by commenting below.