How Macroeconomics Ties to Drunk Driving

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Terri and Tom Goudy recalled the night they lost their son to a drunk driver. Years of memories and milestones were stolen quickly by the decision of one man as he drove drunk down a highway in the wrong direction, taking the lives of four people.

Students in the Macroeconomics class at Globe University-Appleton were so moved by the presentation and the Plz… Give the Keys! Samuel T. Foundation (which was started as a result of the accident) that they decided to take their classroom objectives one step further during an applied learning project. Students researched and raised awareness of the effects of drunk driving in hopes that they could educate others on the repercussions of driving while intoxicated.

Terri and Tom Goudy started the Plz… Give the Keys! Samuel T. Foundation in hopes of keeping the memory of their son, Sam, alive. They do not want anyone to lose someone due to a drunk driving accident. They hope to raise enough money through benefits and donations to get free blue wristbands and other items to as many police stations, bars, driving schools and schools who teach drunk driving conviction classes, to save even one life.

After the presentation, the students applied their macroeconomic knowledge to discover the actual cost of drunk driving in Wisconsin, as well as other statistics. Along with writing research papers, they created displays for viewing at Globe University and other local organizations. They also presented the statistics on drunk driving to other students.

Statistics researched and found included:

  • The cost of drunk driving (including driving records, blood alcohol tests, car impounds, legal fees, hearings, auto insurance increases, DUI schools, ignition interlock devices, restitution)
  • Drunk driving statistics in Wisconsin (fatality statistics, economic loss by crash severity, information on OWI (alcohol and drug) convictions
  • The impact on the individual (conviction, fines, jail time, suspension/revocation, impact on driving records
  • Average cost of a first offense DUI statewide, nationwide

Globe University campuses throughout the Midwest are happy to partner with the Plz… Give the Keys! foundation and hope to continue to help advocate against drunk driving for years to come.

“We are now in other states all because of this terrific university,” Goudy said. “Thank you, Globe!”

Please visit the Plz… Give the Keys! website for more information on the story of Sam Goudy and what you can do to help spread the word on the effects of driving while intoxicated.