How To Become a Medical Assistant: 5 Tips

Who’s the best person to ask how to become a medical assistant? A current medical assistant! Students in their final quarter at Globe University-La Crosse met with Globe medical assistant progam graduate DaNae Larabee to learn what it takes to become a successful medical assistant. DeNea was hired at Mayo Clinic Health System immediately after she graduated!

medical assistant degree1. Take Initiative

Before Globe University medical assistant students graduate, they are placed at various clinic locations for hands-on learning with healthcare professionals. DeNae suggests that students can greatly benefit from these externship experiences, if they take initiative.

“The initiative that you show and the quality you demonstrate…could have you walking away with letters of recommendation from individuals in the different departments that you extern in,” said Tracy Fogleson, medical assistant degree student. Tracy, Shanleigh Ritger, and Kaylan Tormey met with DeNae to learn what they can do to prepare for the work world after they graduate from the medical assistant program.

2. Ask Questions

“Always but your best foot forward [and] don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are unsure of what is expected,” reflected Fogleson. DeNae shared that it was important for her to stay positive and ask questions. Ask questions in class, during externship experiences, and after you’re hired.

3. Make Mistakes

Along with questions, DeNae told the medical assisting students to make mistakes. “I was excited to learn that everyone makes mistakes,” shared Tormey. “It’s just how you proceed to make them right.” Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. However, important not to make the same mistake multiple times!

medical assistant4. Attend Every Class

Where did DeNae prepare for career success? In the classroom. “Her daily tasks were exactly what we have learned,” explained Tormey. “The daily tasks were getting patient charts ready, taking vitals and temperatures, administering vaccines, eye exams, taking height and weight, and even helping patients and their children understand the procedures and their importance.” DeNae shared that it was her classes, instructors, and externship experience that familiarized her with the skills necessary for working at Mayo.

5. Stay Motivated

An important part of pursuing success is staying motivated. Determination, self-motivation, and going and beyond helped DeNae find a job that she loved. Globe students were inspired and motivated from DeNae. “I really felt that she was just a beam of hope and glad that she was able to come talk to us,” shared Ritger.

“Guest speakers like DeNae are helpful for career focused learning,” explained Miranda Hanson, chair of the medical assistant program. “She was able to give the students insight and feedback on what it was like going from a Globe graduate to working in the medical assisting field.”