How to Build Self-Esteem in Youth: Put Them in the Spot Light

Students and youth help build self-esteem by participating in the spot light game.

Have you ever played “Spot Light?” If you have, you know how it can really make someone’s day. Recently, students from Globe University-Appleton and young adults from Youth Go partnered up to lift spirits and build self-esteem during interactive games constructed as part of an applied learning project.

Youth Go offers a healthy and safe environment for teens and youth to participate in constructive activities.  The recreational, educational and social events are provided for kids from 5th through 12th grade and offer programs that keep them busy in a safe environment.

Globe University students visited the organization and led games and activities that they hoped would help the young adults see the importance in positive self-image.

When the students and youth paired up to play Spot Light, they learned ways to complement each other. It was a great way to show respect for their peers while making sure that others could realize their self-worth. They also participated in obstacle courses, where students and Youth Go participants helped other blindfolded participants through a maze. This helped build trust and reliability between the pairs.

Young adults try to navigate through an obstacle course with the help of their peers.

Globe University’s Service Learning Coordinator Amanda Loewen said that the college students were able to learn and understand needs that exist in our community, and address these needs. Students focused on being professional and engaging with the youth. They were able to provide programs for the kids that were positive and encouraging, while at the same time fun and interactive. She hopes that the successful activity is just the start of many great projects with the organization.

“The students did a fantastic job! They were laughing and playing all along too,” Loewen said. “They were interactive, polite and had fun with the kids. I am looking forward to a partnership with Youth Go!”