How to Get 5-Year-Olds to Eat Healthily

medical assistant degreeA group of medical assistant degree students from Globe University-Green Bay taught a class of five-year-olds the importance of healthy eating. The lesson was part of the students’ applied learning project, in which they apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

Our medical assistant degree students used many different activities to get the kids involved in making healthy food choices. Matching foods to the correct food group, coloring, and sharing favorite foods were some of the activities our college students did with the children.

Each medical assistant student made a cookbook filled with healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes to share with the class. Before leaving, the Globe University students read through the cookbooks with the kids and let them pick out their favorite recipe to share with Mom and Dad when they got home.

medical assistant degree
The staff at Tiny Town Childcare Center was thankful that we came into one of their classes, and said it is nice to have different activities for the kids to do during the day.  So, if you ask what applied learning is, medical assistant degree students from Globe University would say, “It’s a chance to apply real world skills, actually in the real world!”

Ruth Penaloza, a student in the medical assistant program, said, “It helped me get more comfortable with communicating with different age groups, like kids.”

At Globe University, we find it is important to create experiences like this one to help our students practice communicating. It may seem like a simple skill, yet it is hard to practice unless you have a real situation. Students say all the time that they know how to do something, but getting to see them in action is when we can truly assess students’ overall knowledge.

You cannot simulate in a classroom what happens during a service learning project; it is truly learning at its best.

By Veronica Kruse, Medical Assistant Executive Program Chair, Globe University-Green Bay Campus