Howling with Wolf Pups: One Way Vet Tech Students Give Back

Vet tech degree students in the Application of Veterinary Clinical Skills course at Globe University-Green Bay got the opportunity to make a difference in two wolf pups’ lives through their applied learning project. Instructor Gabrielle Radford’s students spent time at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary preparing a new home for the pups.

vet tech degree

Instructor Radford pets the wolf pup.

Hard Work Makes a Difference

Globe University-Green Bay vet tech students cleaned the wolf enclosure for the wolf pups by moving huge trees, cutting down brush, raking and more. Students cleaned the sleeping quarters for the pups as well.

An Experience to Remember

Although the physical work in this project made students sweat and build up some muscle, the payoff was well worth it. Students got to opportunity to pet and meet with two female wolf pups up close like never before. Many giggles and smiles were heard and seen while the students got to interact with the pups.

vet tech degree

Vet tech students

At one point, students and staff counted to three and then began howling to see if the wolf pups would join in—and they did! After their work they became a wolf pack howling together which was a sight to be seen. This was truly the best reward for the hard work put into cleaning the enclosure.
Give Back to the Community

The mission of Globe University is ‘we care’ and we show this through the projects we do in the classroom and the connections we make in the community through applied learning projects like this one.

vet tech degreeInstructor Radford offered important advice to veterinary technology students about the difference that they can make in the lives of animals in their community.

“It’s important to give back to our community by supporting animal sanctuaries, the animals and their care,“ Radford said.