If You Don’t Volunteer, You’re Missing Out on This Great Perk!

volunteer appreciation, Globe University-Appleton

Globe University hosted its 2nd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day on campus on March 14.

Globe University-Appleton staff and students put their minds and hearts together to plan and host Globe University’s 2nd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day on March 14, 2013, to pamper those who give back to their community.

If you volunteer, you know that there are many reasons why someone should. You already realize the difference that it could make in your community. Your extra time and effort that you contribute to a cause could be vital to an organization’s existence. If you volunteer, you also know that you often don’t get any praise. It’s OK, though, since that’s not why you do it in the first place!

The Volunteer Appreciation Day was part of a service learning project and volunteer activity put together by classes at Globe University-Appleton. Students from the Interpersonal Relations class, the Ethics and Business of Massage class, and the Massage Therapy Program Club hosted almost 40 volunteers from around our community. In the days leading up to the event, all of the students worked hard to gain donations for food and prizes. They also made shamrock-shaped personalized thank-you cards to give to each guest.

volunteer appreciation, Globe University-Appleton

Globe University students prepare for the event by making decorations and thank-you cards.

Volunteers were treated to Swedish table massages, chair massages, prizes, snacks and desserts. Globe University students and staff enjoyed inviting the volunteers to campus to show them a little pampering.

Read a little bit about what kind of impact this event made on our students:

“I got to see everything come together and see the joy we brought to the local volunteers.”  Michelle Evers

“I loved that we were giving back to the people that are not thanked enough. Everyone was so cheerful; it was enlightening.”  Liz Siedschlag

massage therapy program

A volunteer shows his appreciation for the massage by giving two thumbs up!

“Massage is fun, but it’s more fun and rewarding to use my talent to help others who donate their own time to those in their communities.” Christina Hoppa

“What I enjoyed more was being able to give something special to outstanding people from our community. I really enjoyed hearing their stories and spending time with them.” Sandi Pomeranski

“I really enjoyed helping people who help people, the people that really deserve to be treated. We don’t always get an opportunity to help people who care and volunteer. It’s a great way to give back.” Faith Nicholson