If You Don’t Wash Your Hands, You Might Catch This Virus!

Just think of all the germs on that public restroom door handle. This quarter, our medical assistant degree students learned that the herpes virus can remain on door handles for up to 48 hours! They wanted to do their part to get the word out, so they have been working hard to spread awareness about proper hand washing. Recently, they started with some eager-to-learn children at a local day care.

medical assistant degree

Globe University-Appleton and Project Bridges Day Care have been partnering in health and safety presentations for more than two years.

Students in the Microbiology and Urinalysis class at Globe University-Appleton completed an applied learning project with Project Bridges Day Care, which has been a community partner with the university for more than two years. Students helped teach the children how to prevent the spread of illness and bacteria. The project provided an opportunity for the medical assistant students and children to interact in fun ways while learning.

Students and children enjoyed using the Glo-Germ Kit to find out if they were washing their hands well enough. They also loved coloring on their “germ” coloring sheets and learning more about how spreading germs can cause illnesses.

Medical assistant student Jason Schlake knows that washing hands is the single most important thing to do to stop the spread bacteria and disease. “Germs and viruses are spread when you cough, sneeze, use the bathroom, shake hands, and more,” Jason said. “If you go to a public place, think of all of the germs that go from person to person—even if you are healthy!”

Although the students didn’t want to frighten the children with talk of germs and diseases, they know that it is important to begin teaching them about proper hand washing and sanitation at a young age. If they learn while they’re young, then they are much more likely to retain good habits as they grow older, creating a much cleaner and safer environment for everyone!