IFL Franchise of the year teams up with Massage students

The Green Bay Blizzard of the Indoor Football League (IFL) is excited about this new season, returning as the 2011 IFL “Franchise of the Year”.  So far, they’re off to a great start with their 2012 season, sitting at 2-1 and gearing up for an away game on Saturday, March 24th against the Omaha Beef.  Since their season began in early February, our Sports Massage students have been putting their classroom skills to work on these athletes.   

Coach Robert Fuller, in his first year as the Blizzard’s Head Coach, said he’s “very excited to have this opportunity for (his) players to add massage to their regimen of practice, physical therapy and chiropractic care.”  Coach Fuller was named the IFL Coach of the Year for 2011 and we’re very excited to have him in Green Bay leading the Blizzard!  Pictured with Massage Therapy student Theresa Hoida, is returning WR #8 Scott Burnoski.  When I asked Scott how the massage partnership has helped him and the team, he said: “When you’re working out, competing and getting beat up in games, it’s relaxing on the muscles…the tweaks, soreness…it works those things out”.  He said that the coach gives “first shot at the massage to those guys working through injuries, but he’s good about giving all the guys a chance to rotate through the schedule”.

“What an incredible experience for my students to actually have the opportunity to work on real athletes…to be able to put to use their knowledge in Sports Massage” stated Suzette Plemel, Massage Therapy Program Chair.  Suzette brainstormed this idea during the off-season with B.J. Hill, IFL Special Teams Player of the Year (2011).  Returning DB #3, Hill commented that this would be a great opportunity for the players to bond as well as have a little relaxation built into their training weeks.

Below, Suzette explains the massage schedule to Blizzard WR #9 Bryan Pray and RB #6 La’Ron Council.





“Working with the Green Bay Blizzard has been an amazing opportunity”, said Angelique Smith.  Angelique will be graduating March 22, 2012 from our Massage Therapy program.  “We have been able to work on the athletes (players) for over a month now and it has provided all of us with great ‘real’ experience in sports massage”.     Pictured below, Angelique explains the paperwork/health history form to DL #99, Junior Aumavae.

Returning for his second year, DB #1 Michael Turner said: “throughout the week, practice and everything takes a toll on our bodies.  We can’t wait for Wednesday!  We’re all waiting for Coach to text us to see who gets to go in for the massage that night.  This partnership has really brought our team together.  Michael said “the guys all hope this is something we can continue into the years to come”.