Inner Workings: Radiology Tour Gives Vet Tech Students Inside Scoop

degree in veterinary technologyStudents earning a degree in veterinary technology at Globe University-Green Bay toured the state-of-the-art Animal Hospital of Howard and learned about the importance of radiology from a practicing veterinarian. The tour was part of the students’ Imaging course, taught by Deborah Bierhal.

Dr. Mark Thornborrow discussed digital radiography with the vet tech students. He demonstrated how digital radiography works and explained the different kinds available. Dr. Thornborrow shared what the advantages are for having digital radiography over the standard. He then talked about ultrasound and showed the students images of animals with different diseases.

degree in veterinary technologyHe explained what the vet tech students were seeing, how they got the image and what it meant for that patient. Students got to witness what bladder stones looked like on ultrasound as well as an ultrasound on a dog that had fluid around its heart. 

Dr. Thornborrow made this interesting because he put it into a case study form and brought together information from classes students have already had or are currently taking, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Radiology and Pharmacology.

Dr. Thornborrow discussed how the patient presented, what the doctor found during the physical exam and the how they diagnosed the patient. He also quizzed the students on the appropriate and different drugs that could have been used to treat the patient. 

Dr. Thornborrow also did a brief presentation into the world of scoping animals to be able to see things inside animals we couldn’t see normally.  Students got a chance to see firsthand what the technician’s role is when dealing with radiology and ultrasound in a real world setting.    

“It was important for the vet tech students to see that the fundamentals of radiology and safety precautions they are learning about in the classroom also apply to a clinical setting, no matter what kind of X-ray machine they are dealing with,” said Deborah Bierhals, CVT, veterinary technology instructor at Globe University-Green Bay.  “This field trip helped to demonstrate that.”

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