Insightful: Business Students Create Marketing Plan for Moorhead Vision Associates

When Globe University-Moorhead business degree students Ryan McDonald, Sarah Lindner and Kajien Forok were asked to put together a marketing plan for a local business, they chose a business for which they could clearly focus on the mission of the organization.  They knew the quarter would be gone in a blink, so they got to task quickly.

The first steps were to tour the chosen company, Moorhead Vision Associates (MVA), which has been in business since 1924. As an established company, the current challenge is to attract a younger clientele that may not realize the investment this firm has made in the latest ophthalmology equipment.

marketing planSeeing a fabulous potential, the students confirmed their initial thoughts by doing a SWOT analysis, reviewing the MVA’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Working with Dr. Casey Bartz, the group identified an audience that would be a great fit for Moorhead Vision Associates: parents with young children.

MVA provides excellent customer service, spending twice as long with customers than other area ophthalmologists to assure more thorough testing. They also take time to really understand younger children, many of whom cannot understand that they are not seeing well. Young children with poor vision often think blurry is normal because they have never had clear vision.

Focusing on this strength, the students put together a marketing package to include billboards in areas where parents spend time as well as print advertising in local parenting publications.

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Globe University business students present their marketing plan for Moorhead Vision Associates

Ryan McDonald, student lead, suggested, “Due to the rural location, this company can also focus on area small town newspapers. The cost is low and name recognition is high.”

Student Kajien Forok added, “Social media should also be expanded. It is wise to limit use as it could be a big time waster for an employee. Using a tool like Hoot Suite would allow the company to set up posts for a couple weeks at a time.”

Student Sarah Lindner added, “There really are a number of low cost marketing ideas that can be put into action to increase business.”

Dr. Bartz is very pleased with the students and the plan: “I’m looking forward to implementing some of their ideas! I can see why Globe University is such a great school!”

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