Paralegal Student Earns Attorney Internship

internshipAfter some coaxing, I successfully convinced the attorneys I work with to hire a paralegal intern. In the past, the office I work did not have great luck with internships. Some attorneys and paralegals think that having an intern takes away from billable hours or that it is more work than it’s worth. Those thoughts were quickly put to rest when we hired Elk River paralegal student Sara Carter for an internship. Sara was very prepared for the internship. She quickly gained the trust of myself, the attorneys, and other paralegals in the office. Because of her resourcefulness and ability to learn quickly, she was able to expand her internship experience.  At first, her internship was set up to work closely with me in the areas of family law and criminal law. However, once the rest of the office realized how well she was doing they gave her projects to work on in the areas of probate, real estate, collections and employment law.

Sara’s analytical skills are so advanced that she was able to work on a complex criminal matter involving over $100,000 in restitution. She was given a banker’s box full of bills, receipts, and statements and asked to figure out what is owed.  It was a daunting task, which she gladly took on with extreme focus and diligence.  She wasn’t given much direction on what to do, but because she is so resourceful she was able to create an Excel spreadsheet documenting each and every dollar that was in this sea of paper. The result of this project is that she was able to save our clients over $30,000 by finding discrepancies in the restitution claim. This example is just one of many examples of how Sara’s efforts benefited our office.

I am proud to have been Sara’s instructor for Law Office Procedures and Technology
class.  I’d like to extend a note of appreciation to all instructors, advisers and the Globe University staff that helped Sara become successful! She will be graduating in just a few days with her paralegal degree and I cannot wait for her to begin her career as a successful paralegal!

Written By: Colleen Norgren, Paralegal Instructor Online
Paralegal – Smith, Paulson O’Donnell & Associates PLC, Monticello, MN