Keeping Community Service in Education and Education in Community Service

Globe University – Green Bay Faculty & Staff contributed Friday, May 18th, 2012 as their Community Education/Service Day in effort to give back to the community at a very popular local educating entity, Heritage Hill State Historical Park (a close neighbor, only 3 miles from campus).

Four Heritage Hill staffers were the main point people throughout the day with 22 staff and faculty from Globe – Green Bay working on a plethora of community service activities that Heritage Hill needed assistance with to help enable their services as a well-respected interpretive living history museum.  Heritage Hill, as the main educating entity for the region, preserves historical buildings and artifacts, also serves to educate people of all ages regarding the history and inhabitants of Northeast Wisconsin.

Globe – Green Bay educators served at Heritage Hill in a variety of ways:

Fence clearing

Multiple faculty and staff teamed up to clear what ended up being trailer loads of brush, vines, and weeds along stretches of fencing at Heritage Hill.

Weeding gardens, chip beds, and chicken coop

A group of gals weeded multiple locations throughout Heritage Hill, including chip beds under trees and various garden and flower beds.  A crew of Vet Tech instructors even dared to weed in the Chicken Coop among chickens.

Cleaning the Moravian Church

Kathy Delveaux and Don Zeikel teamed up to clean the historic Moravian Church’s main sanctuary area, bathroom, and dressing rooms by washing pews & hand rails; sweeping, mopping, & vacuuming the floors; and dusting.  They made it sparkling clean!

Sign restoration & road blocks

Globe -Green Bay staff also helped restore various signs that needed fresh coats of paint, including the main Heritage Hill welcome sign along the road at the front entrance and the sign posts and frame displaying an educational map of the historical buildings in the park.  Another crew of Globe staff & faculty enjoyed setting to the task of painting white plank boards with orange stripes that will be used as road blocks needed in certain parts of the property at Heritage Hill.

Painting of building pillars

A team of five faculty and staff painted and edged ten pillars on the exterior of Heritage Hill’s Education Center, both on the front and side entrances to the building.  Also they did a few touch-ups to the building’s wood siding where paint had been chipping off.  They helped to create a fresh clean and welcoming first impression of Heritage Hill as this is the building used mainly as a visitor center, gift store, education hub, main restroom facility, and also as the building that hosts many occasions including wedding receptions and other community functions.

Sentiments shared from the day included what a cool place Heritage Hill is and how much fun people had working there for the service day.  Not only was it fun working outside, as well as in and around some of the historical buildings, but also learning new skills for some and sharing certain expertise skills with others, and being educated on the region’s history; all while getting to know each other better and serving a community partner.  Great conversations got going between fellow faculty & staff while volunteering together for several hours.  It was a great way to be able to interact with one another outside of the campus setting.  Heritage Hill was also in full function that day, newly opened for the summer season, so the Globe crew had a chance to see the hundreds of elementary school children on field trips there.  Many of the Globe faculty & staff who grew up in the region were reminded of the days when they too came to Heritage Hill on school field trips for fun experiential education history days.  Others were reminded of good feeling and wonderful hospitality Heritage Hill provided for the first two graduations the Green Bay and Appleton campuses had held there.

What a great expression and recognition of commitment the entire day was to the Globe “We Care” philosophy.  Mutual gratefulness between Globe – Green Bay faculty & staff and Heritage Hill was shared.


Author:  Christina Johnson (Campus Librarian)

Photographer:  Debby Bierhals (VT Instructor)