Knowledge Is Power: Tax II Students Help Light the Way Toward Independence With Brochure.

Accounting Students

Accounting Students Tracy Hanson and Jacob Dischler

Filing taxes when someone lives in a safe and loving home can be stressful and overwhelming, but if that home is plagued by domestic abuse, it can be paralyzing.

Madison West Students in the Taxes II class created a pamphlet called “Doing your Own Taxes.” This information was distributed to victims of domestic abuse at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) in Madison. The mission of DAIS is to empower those affected by domestic violence and provide advocacy for social change through support, education and outreach.

The pamphlet summarized how taxes work and highlighted important 2012 tax season dates. It also covered filing statuses, qualifying credits, dependencies and VITA, a program which offers free tax help to low-income residents. Because the students were not aware of the level of education recipients had on taxes, students made sure the information provided was simple and easy to understand.

Students shared how they felt the pamphlet can help domestic violence victims.

“This project will help the victims of domestic abuse to feel a little more secure about their financial situation,” Tracy Hanson said. “Knowing that they may get money back without having to make money can be a huge help.”

Jacob Dischler added, “If the information we provided will help someone get a little extra money back from a refund that they can use to get back on their feet, it will all be worth it. It was great to be able to help people by working on this project.”