Learning from the Best: Campbell Mithun Offers Communication Insights

business communication, Globe University, Campbell Mithun
Who couldn’t learn to communicate better, right? It seems our world is inundated with new gadgets that help us stay connected, yet at times it feels we talk less to one another. 

How does this relate to our communication in business?  These are questions that the Business Communications class at Globe University – Minneapolis is learning under the direction of instructor Tom Stolz. What better place to find the answers than a tour at Minneapolis advertising agency giant Campbell Mithun.

Randy explaining to students the various types of AdvertisingCampbell Mithun is the leader in trendy and sparkling advertising and includes a long list of global clients such as General Mills and Toro. 

The Business Communications class provides students with skills for effective business communication for a global perspective.  The tour at Campbell Mithun couldn’t be a better place to learn what this is all about!

The tour at Campbell Mithun included meeting with Randy Gerda, who is one of the creative directors for the agency.  He took the students through every precise and lengthy detail that goes into those one-minute TV commercials we all watch.  In advertising it is all about showing not telling – “show more and talk less” is some advice the students received.

Randy explained the various ways to communicate through advertising such as print, digital, outdoor, non-traditional and broadcast.  He took the students through a case study for United Way, which gave insights on important factors in communicating and answering questions such as the “who, what, why, when and where” of advertising.

Admissions representative, Angela Grimsley, who attended the tour said, “Today’s field trip to Campbell Mithun Advertising, Minnesota’s largest advertising agency, was a huge success!  The experience was eye-opening and inspiring to the business students.” 

One of the students said that he loved the tour because he now “sees tremendous impact marketing has on any sort of business.”

Campbell Mithun was also very excited to work on future projects with our students as well as provide internship opportunities for motivated students.  A new networking relationship was created for Globe University!