Lending a Hand to the Salvation Army

Students pitch in to help on the front lines of community service

Most people think of holiday bell ringers when they hear “Salvation Army.” Global Citizenship students at Globe University–Madison West learned that the red kettles represent only the tip of the iceberg of what The Salvation Army does.

When contemplating their service-learning project, the students conceptualized the idea to volunteer with The Salvation Army, but they didn’t know how to plug in. They met with the volunteer coordinator and after learning about different options, decided to collect food and clothing on campus and then volunteer at the women’s shelter.

The students’ first order of business at the shelter was to organize their own donation, along with a large donation that had come in the night before. They could see how important volunteers were in doing even simple tasks such as putting food on shelves or hanging up clothes. The next task was to clean and organize the lounge of the women’s shelter, including washing the walls, tables and chairs. Finally, the students applied some much-needed maintenance to the sleeping cots and set up the cots up so they were ready to receive nightly visitors. When all was said and done, the students were highly impressed with the important work done by The Salvation Army.

“This experience helped me to understand how people get to the point of homelessness and what I can do to help them,” said student, Jennifer Nsokolo. “It was amazing how much we got done when we worked together as a team.”