Local Free Clinic Improves Patient Advocacy Program

Health care management students revamp vital process for the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic

Five Globe University–Eau Claire students in the health care management program worked with the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic (CVFC) of Eau Claire to help improve the clinic’s patient advocacy program.

The CVFC is a nonprofit organization that serves the health needs of low income and/or individuals without health insurance.

Student Ashlee Skrede said, “I have really enjoyed doing our [applied learning] project. I have learned a lot about strategic planning and was able to utilize different tools in the process. The best part of the entire project was that we were able to improve a process for an organization that works to serve those in need in the Chippewa Valley.”
The students used strategic planning and process improvement tools to evaluate current procedures and recommend changes. Students used flow charts, designed a survey, and formulated an AIM statement for improvement. Then, students and the clinic’s staff developed and tested an idea that resulted in improving the current patient advocacy program. The CVFC plans to use the new process to better serve its patients.

Student Andrea Stensen added, “Working among the community at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills learned at Globe to be a part of a meaningful and gratifying experience.”

Next quarter, another Health care management student will evaluate whether the change recommended and tested was in fact an improvement.