Local Non Profit Receives Needed Help from Globe University Paralegal Students

Introduction to Paralegal Studies students have been keeping busy this quarter by helping out The Community Benefit Tree, Inc. A recent discovery by the local non profit found them in need of help with reviewing their by-laws. Students were happy to gain hands-on experience by reviewing the by-laws, assessing data and performing document management steps. They were also able to gather hard copy documentation and categorize each item–creating an intuitive document-naming system for ease of use.

The students were also able to use professional communicative skills learned in class while keeping in mind the legal and ethical responsibilities of a paralegal professional, including conflict of interest, client confidentiality, paralegal ethics and ABA Rules of Professional Responsibility. They successfully demonstrated their professionalism and interpersonal communications during a visit with The Community Benefit Tree, Inc Executive Director, Heidi Frederickson.

Introduction to Paralegal students review documents with instructor Jennifer Drewry.

The Community Benefit Tree, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that assists individuals and their families within the community during their medical crisis through education, support, resources and financial assistance through individual benefits (A.K.A.- Celebration of Support).

The students successfully demonstrated their interviewing and investigating skill set. They worked well as a team and created a constructive outline for the project.  They also utilized techniques learned in class for conducting interviews and investigations for this project.

The paralegal students first task was to take the clients paperwork and sort it into a cohesive system so that information can be located quickly. This process also helped students understand what documentation was truly necessary and helped eliminate duplicate or unnecessary paperwork.

The students will be passing these papers, in their new coherent form, over to another paralegal class for next term. That class will proceed with the research side of the project—reviewing Wisconsin laws on non-profit organizations and what is needed in the by-laws and volunteer forms. This step will also include a supervising attorney for review.

For more information on the Community Benefit Tree, Inc., please go to their website: http://www.communitybenefittree.org.