Local Student-Business Owner Creates Hands-On Education for Classmates

interactive media graphic designThere are many examples of great partnerships between local businesses and Globe University-Woodbury, a result of Globe’s service/applied learning initiative that students do in every program. One example is Johnson Jewelers, a local jewelry store in Woodbury, Minn.

Jeff Johnson of Johnson Jewelers completed an Adobe Photoshop course in the interactive media and graphic design program at Globe University-Woodbury, and now Johnson Jewelers will be a demo for one of the program’s classes to help students learn advertisement layouts, website design, etc.

Johnson was so enthused with the class and quality of students that he stepped up to be a business partner. As a result, Woodbury Magazine will be featuring an editorial of the partnership in the November 2013 issue.

We sat down with Johnson and learned more about his experience at the Woodbury campus and how he is using the skills he learned from the Photoshop course.

Why did you enroll at Globe University-Woodbury and take a Photoshop class?

Adobe Photoshop has always been one of those programs that have a million and one uses. Once you learn the core of the program and how it works, you can create just about anything Image wise, using Photoshop.

What did you learn in the course?

I learned everything I ever wanted to learn about Adobe Photoshop and then some, things like how to work within “layers”, or how to use a “mask” over an existing image. Some examples of this would be retouching or removing blemishes from photos you have taken, creating picture collages of friends and loved ones to put in frames or placing on Facebook, creating advertisements for your business or if you have an event coming up like a high school graduation, you can make your own announcements with Photoshop. Those are just some examples as to why I took Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

Have you incorporated what you learned in class in or your own business?

I’ve been able to incorporate what I’ve learned about Photoshop from Globe University in several ways. Some examples include photos of customers’ jewelry that I use for appraisals, our web site I manage, and the photos I upload to it and advertisements I place in our local newspaper. Every day I’m finding more ways to utilize Photoshop with my business because of taking this one course at Globe.

Would you recommend this class or Globe University to other business owners?

Yes I would. I would say to anyone wanting to have more control over this kind of media in their lives for business or personal, to take the introductory course to Photoshop at Globe University. You won’t regret it, I promise. I have absolutely enjoyed my experience at Globe University, from the time I was thinking of enrolling to the present.

About Johnson Jewelers:

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