Managerial Communications Class Aids in Helping the Community

Groveland Food ShelfStudents from the Globe University- Minneapolis campus partnered with the Groveland Emergency Food Shelf to help collect non-perishable food items to support our community. Groveland Emergency Food Shelf is an independent, non-profit agency that distributes 400,000 pounds of food every year to men, women and children.

The goal for the campus was that every individual donate one non-perishable food item during our collection period.  The campus reached the goal of 150 items in as little as four weeks. Donated items included canned food, noodles, soups, rice, and baking goods.

The students applied what they learned in their managerial communications class by utilizing multiple communication channels to spread the word throughout the campus. An introductory email was sent out to the campus in the initial phase along with a flyer posted to inform everyone about the project.

“Throughout the process of creating the flyer, we had the opportunity to learn about Groveland and the challenges they face when feeding our neighbors in the community,” said Tim Elkin.

Director of Groveland, Dave Enghusen, spoke at length with students on various aspects of Groveland Food Shelf and its vision.

“People we are seeing at Groveland are at the edge of society suffering significant loss. These families need our help in their basic survival and Globe University will be a helping hand in this fight against hunger,” said Dave Enghusen.

The students hope that the effort will help Groveland to reach their goals, which is to serve 400,000 pound of food yearly to the local community. The hope that the small contribution indicates Globe University’s commitment and involvement in giving back to the community.