Marketing Class Helps Local Flower Shop Bloom

Applied Learning is a cornerstone methodology which sets the Globe University-Sioux Falls business program apart from the rest of the programs in the area. Many of us know that the best way to learn something is to just do.

Our “learn by doing” approach gives students an opportunity to get some hands on experience by moving from the classroom to the board room. Students get an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom through interaction and using some of their professional communication skills to network within the community and provide a vital service. Sioux Falls is rich with small businesses that could benefit from the many applied learning projects our students and faculty develop. Some of the projects our business program can develop are small business plans, marketing plans and customer service surveys.

In the marketing course during the Fall quarter, our students combined the Learning Outcome Assessment (LOA) with an applied learning project. The LOA requirements are the culmination of the quarter’s coursework for students to evaluate and write a marketing plan for a local business of their choice.

This quarter the students were grouped together with other students in the class in order to evaluate and create the marketing plan. One group of students decided to complete a marketing plan on Meredith & Bridget’s Flower Shop in Sioux Falls. One student noted, “it was a learning experience they will never forget.”

One student from the team met with the business owner and conducted an interview to fully understand what they were doing to market their flower shop. The other students in the group did research to discover the types of marketing that would best suite their small business. They reviewed mediums such as web presence, radio, television media, etc. 

After the marketing plan was finished, the group presented their plan to Meredith & Bridget’s Flower Shop. They were impressed with the plan and have since initiated some of the suggestions. By doing this type of project, it gives the students a chance to speak to real world business owners and apply what they have learned. Receiving feedback from both their instructor and business owner is vital to their growth and experience. This experience is just another way Globe University-Sioux Falls is transforming the educational experience of its students.