Marketing Students Develop Promotional Packet for Local Alternative High School

Students in Globe University-Madison West’s Marketing class set off to produce a marketing promotional piece for Dane Academy, a local alternative high school which serve students ages 14-21 in southern Wisconsin.

Marketing class

Globe University-Madison West Marketing Class pose with their final product.

Dane Academy strives to help students graduate and continue on to develop a personal training plan which helps them for college, vocational schools or a career.

Globe’s marketing students sat down with Dane Academy’s School Principal, Judith Reed, PhD to go over her goals for a successful marketing piece. The end result was a promotional packet which included a short video piece on Dane Academy.

The class also worked on a full assessment on where the piece will be distributed. Their conclusion which was presented to Dr. Reed ranged from parents, schools, and donors to judges, case workers, and social workers.

Students reflected positively on the project.

“I found the Dane Academy project to be quite interesting. It gave me the experience that I needed to go out into the world and be able to work on a project like this in the future.” Marsha Sue stated.

Jennifer Baker added, “I’m glad we were able to help Dane Academy out. I hope with our help more children will be allowed to attend Dane Academy and fulfill their dreams.”