Massages Provide Assisted Living Residents and Domestic Violence Victims Relaxation

Massage students learn about two different special populations and how to adapt massage techniques accordingly


Globe University-Eau Claire students in the Massage Therapy program gave massages to assisted living residents with dementia and women that have experienced domestic violence. The students learned how to modify their techniques and much more about these special populations.

At Harbor House Assisted Living, Globe students learned about giving massages to elderly individuals, a large segment of the general population. They learned special massage techniques and how to be sensitive to people with dementia.

Another group of students visited Bolton Refuge House Domestic Abuse Shelter for women. At first, the women at the shelter were nervous about the experience. The students spent time getting to know the women, build trust and shared laughter with them while giving massages.

“I felt like I really connected with these women,” said student Jennifer Rego. “It felt so good for them to open up to me and that they trusted me. This was the best experience I have ever had while being in the massage program.”

The massage students learned how to be sensitive to the women’s needs and issues, nurture and be patient, and adapt their massage skills.

“This project solidified to me how very important touch is in our everyday life,” said student Nathan Schlieve.