Medical Assistant student is a LIFE SAVER!

Kelly Van Der Wegen, an MA student at our Green Bay campus, came across a situation at a local gas station where a man was choking. She used her CPR/First Aid skills that she learned this quarter in Patient Care II, to save the man’s life! 

I asked Kelly to describe her experience and here’s what she had to say:

“I was leaving a local gas station last Tuesday morning, and noticed a man having some trouble.  The person he was with was smacking him on the back.   I went over and asked him if he was choking and I got a ‘yes’ nod.  Then I asked him if he could cough or breath and I got a ‘no’ nod so I asked him if I could help him.   He nodded yes, so I gave him 6 good abdominal thrusts and the ‘food stuff’ was dislodged.  I had already directed someone to contact 911.    While all this was happening, I really didn’t think, I just reacted.  The training I had just been through was going through my head so I was confident I could help.   I really didn’t have any kind of reaction until after I got to school.  Once there, I had to sit because I started shaking.   The training we went through was very thorough.  I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but it wasn’t easy either as there are a lot of different things to remember and to check for depending on the situation you are in.”  

Kelly’s instructor, Veronica Kruse, stated: “Kelly reminds us how important your skills that you learn in class really are.” 

A great example of the importance of “hands-on learning”.  Way to go, Kelly!