Medical Assistant Students Become Teachers

In a swarming classroom filled with seventh graders from Sherman Middle School, you could not ignore the chatter.

“Gross!” “Oh my God, check this out!” “That’s crazy!” “What? How can that be?!”

Medical assistant student

Jenaca Cebery, medical assistant student shows seventh graders the different bacteria cultures they grew on campus.

These were some of the many reactions from students who experienced a microbiology presentation from medical assistant students at Globe University-Madison West.

The presentation was given by the Microbiology and Urinalysis class as part of their service and applied learning project. Students prepared two presentations for the middle school class which focused on the importance of hand washing, proper hand washing techniques, bacteria and germs.

The first session medical assistant students talked about different types of bacteria and passed around cultures of various places on campus the students tested for bacteria. They highlighted many common places good and bad bacteria can be found such as a person’s cell phone and computer keyboard. Students also spent time working on vocabulary word searches and puzzles from an educational packet created by the Globe students.

Medical Assistant students

Medical assistant students Jasmine Schoonover and Heather Graham discussed the Glogerm experiment to students.

The second session focused on how quickly germs can spread. Students were taught about the proper way to wash their hands. Using Glogerm, a lotion which lights up under UV light was distributed to students who then went to wash their hands. Once they came back, their hands were checked under an UV light. As one student stated, “Seeing all the germs on my hands even after I washed them surprised me the most.”

medical assistant program

Are your hands clean? Students find out.

The project was a win-win for everyone. “I love the fact that Globe does these community service projects because you are an educational facility and we are as well,” said Jeff Hatori, Cross Categorical Teacher at Sherman Middle School. “So it’s a really nice blending of students to be able to share with each other. Globe really works with us that both sides can benefit from. Thank you.”

“Working with seventh graders was fun!” shared Jasmine Schoonover, medical assistant student. “I was really surprised at how interested they were in our presentation.”

Great work, medical assistant students, in helping reduce the spread of germs through the power of education.