Medical Assistant Students Get a Blue Ribbon Opportunity

medical assistant programMedical assistant program students in the CMA Review class at Globe University-Wausau had a chance to practice their blood pressure skills in a real environment.  The students, supervised by their instructor, Kerry Miller-Mouzon, spent an afternoon at the Wisconsin Valley Fair offering patrons free blood pressure checks.

“I got to experience different age interaction from older adults to teenagers,” Tarah Bergs, CMA Review student commented.  “I thought overall it was a great hands-on experience with people out in the community.”

The students were assigned the task of greeting people as they walked by the Globe University table and inquiring whether visitors would like to have their blood pressure taken.  When crowd traffic slowed down, the group, along with Miller-Mouzon, went out in search of willing participants.

Karen Underwood, CMA Review student, reflected, “It was interesting that some people seem to have a phobia about their blood pressure.  However, some were more than willing to let me take it.”  This included the carnival worker that asked a few questions about the program and the students’ training, and then gladly allowed Karen to perform her skills.

The Globe University-Wausau medical assistant program is always looking for additional ways to have our students interact with the public and get some hands-on experience.  A few months ago, for example, the students visited the Business Expo and offered up their services.  They have also participated in administering first aid at the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball tournament.  Kerry Miller-Mouzon, instructor and program chair, feels that the more exposure to the public these students receive, the better their skills become and the more comfortable they will be when they get into their externships.

Of course, the three hours were not just spent interacting with the public and working hard at checking blood pressures, they did find some time to enjoy the exhibitions and pet a few bunnies, cows and sheep.  They also enjoyed a few of the fair treats such as cheese curds and cheesecake on a stick while making the rounds.

Overall, Miller-Mouzon sees all of these opportunities as a fantastic learning experience as well as a way for the program to become more recognized in the community.

“I believe that when we put ourselves out there for people that they can pass on the same kind of kindness to others.  Future medical assistants should definitely do this again because it’s an enlightening and exciting experience,” said Jessika Carlson, CMA Review student.

By Kerry Miller-Mouzon, Medical Assistant Program Chair