Medical Assistant Students Get Hands-on Learning Experience at GU-La Crosse

Students at Globe University  are often given the opportunity to take the knowledge they learn in their classes and apply it to real-world situations. Medical Assistant students in Darci Keenan’s CMA Review class at Globe University-La Crosse were given such an opportunity last term. The class conducted research, made homemade lip balm and bath soak, and shared their products and findings with their fellow students.

Throughout the term, the class studied skin conditions and skin care, as well as conducted research on skin care products and how to make beneficial products. Sara Smith, a student in the class, said that they researched ingredients and what they do for your skin. The students then made lip balm and bath soak using natural ingredients. They set up a display on the benefits of the products and the ingredients in each product in the commons area on campus and gave away the samples they made to other students.

Instructor Darci Kennan and Medical Assistant students Mai and Sara put up a display in the commons and handed out samples.

Instructor Darci Kennan and Medical Assistant students Mai and Sara put up a display in the commons and handed out samples of the skin care products made in class.

“The event on Thursday went well,” Mai Cha Sung, a student in the class, said about handing out samples the class made in the commons area on campus, adding that a lot of students took samples.

According to the students, the lip balm is made up of avocado oil, coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil and castor oil. The class made two different flavors of lip balm: cherry and lavender vanilla. The oatmeal bath soak is made up of lavender oil, lavender buds, colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts, powdered milk, baking soda and eucalyptus oil.

The teacher of the class, Darci Keenan, said that her background is that of a nurse practitioner so she saw the importance of skincare firsthand. She said that she makes skincare products herself, so she thought the project would be “a fun way to learn about several different things” for the students, including the benefits of skincare products and the different ingredients in the products.

When asked if they would like to do this project again, the students and instructor all said “yes.” Darci added that in the future she would like to include “additional products if possible,” such as making handmade soap.

Mai added that she gained “knowledge on how great natural products can do to your skin and the benefits of it.” She continued, “Overall, this project was fun. I would do it over again and take it out to a bigger place such as the mall [as there are] more people there” to hand out samples to.

To learn more about the Medical Assistant Program, check out Globe University’s Medical Assistant page.