Medical Assistant Students Host Mini Health Fair

Globe University – Madison East Medical Assistant students traveled to Sherman Middle School on the north side of Madison during Early Fall Quarter to host a mini health fair with the seventh graders as part of their Patient Care class.

The Medical Assistant students set up a series of stations for the 50 middle schoolers to visit where they demonstrated or lectured on patient education in the areas of the effects of exercise on their blood pressure, the importance of learning nutritional information on commonly eaten foods and fast food, and hearing conservation.

Medical Assistant student Trinette Kelly shares the importance of hearing conservation.

The Medical Assistant students made the stations interactive and fun.  For example at the hearing conservation station the seventh graders learned the anatomy of the human ear and safe decibels in which to listen to their iPods, mp3s, and so on.  Each student was given their own ear plugs and shown the correct way to wear them.

This service- and applied-learning project focused on many of the Patient Care course objectives.  “The students had to maintain medical professionalism at all times, which was a learning experience for many having not dealt with 50 seventh graders at one time before in their life,” said instructor Dan Goplin.  “They completed 50 blood pressures in a timely and chaotic environment, much like a real clinic.”

Medical Assistant student Jessica Moll takes the blood pressure of one of the Sherman Middle School students.