Medical Assistant Students Screen over 200 at Risk for Kidney Disease

Medical Assistant, National Kidney FoundationThis past Thursday, 17 Globe University Medical Assistant students participated in the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) in Sioux Falls as part of an applied learning project.

Medical Assistant, KEEP

KEEP is a free health screening program that is offered to people who are at high risk of developing kidney disease.  The people encouraged to participate in this screening are people with health factors such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or a parent or close relative with diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease.  Patients need to be over the age of 18. At the event, patients are interviewed to see if they are considered “high risk”.  Height, weight, blood pressure, body measurements and lab tests are also done. At the end of the visit, professionals on site review the results with the patient.

Even though the weather did not cooperate 201 patients were screened, the biggest screening so far! Globe students manned the blood draw stations, making sure that the correct amount of blood was drawn and correct lab tests ordered.

Student Sydney Siemonsma is in her final quarter before going on an externship in a clinic. She utilized her blood drawing skills.  Sydney said “The KEEP event made it possible for me to brush up on my blood Medical Assistant, National Kidney Foundationdrawing skills and be able to get some real patient experience before going to the clinic setting.”

Medical Assistant, KEEPKristin Bellows, Division Program Director at NKF had this to say about our team at the screening. “The National Kidney Foundation would like to thank Jolene Penning, Amy Zobel, Melanie Schopp and the all the wonderful students who donated their time at our annual Sioux Falls Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) screening held at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.  With their help, the NKF was able to screen 201 people at increased risk of developing kidney disease.  On average, 20% of participants are found to have kidney disease and had no idea.  Thank you to Globe University for your help and continued support of the National Kidney Foundation.”

Great Job for all who were involved!

~ Submitted by Amy Zobel, Medical Assistant Program Chair