Medical Assisting Students take the Classroom into the Community

Students gain hands-on experience by taking vital signs of local citizens

Medical assisting students at Globe University-Woodbury campus take the classroom into the community by traveling to the local YMCA to take complete vital signs of citizens ranging of all ages. Working with members of the community helps students gain hands-on experience while learning how to communicate effectively with patients by reading both their verbal and non-verbal signs.

“This service-learning project is helpful because it allows me to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to work with real patients,” said Jerry Cassidy, Globe University-Woodbury medical assistant student.

The students also used Glo Germ™ to demonstrate germ communication by having community members rub Glo Germ on their hands and use a black light to illustrate how many germs are actually there. A student commented on how many people were in shock with how many germs were on their hands.

“The YMCA enjoyed hosting the Globe University Students. The students were personable and professional in their interactions with our members,” said YMCA Membership and Marketing Director, Heidi Bardwell. “Our members enjoyed having the services available and felt that it was an added value to their day.  Heidi noted that she would be happy to partner with Globe University again in the near future.

Service and applied-learning is an initiative that has been developed in the past year to ensure that our students are giving back to the community while applying the skills they learn in the classroom to further their career training. Medical assisting student, Robyn Monson explains that service-learning helps her learn how to interact with the community members of diverse ages, cultures and genders while gaining the hands-on experience she needs to be successful in her career field.

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