Medical Assisting Students Teach Hands-Only™ CPR to Local Community

Students help fulfill the City of Woodbury’s goal of training 7,000 community members in Hands-Only™ CPR

Globe University-Woodbury medical assisting students partner with the City of Woodbury in their efforts to train 7,000 community members in Hands-Only™ CPR by the end of 2012 by hosting 30 minute training sessions on campus.

“We are very excited that Globe University medical assisting students join our efforts to raise awareness about the Good Samaritan Law,” said Angela Kain, Firefighter/EMT for the City of Woodbury. “We are thrilled they have committed teaching students at Woodbury High School and hosting monthly “Hands-Only CPR” events in the campuses.”

Hands-Only™ CPR is a simplified method of CPR that requires no mouth-to-mouth breathing. It was created to build bystander confidence and improve the public participation to assist an adult who suddenly collapses. During the session an instructor uses the AHA’s research-proven “practice while watching” technique, which allows users to watch and learn lifesaving skills with the aid of an instructional. The session takes approximately 30 minutes.

“I was very proud of our students when they were explaining positioning and the Good Samaritan Law to the community members,” said Jennifer Larson, Medical Assisting Program Chair at Globe University-Woodbury.

The medical assisting students have scheduled Hands-Only CPR trainings scheduled now until July 20.