Medical Assisting Students Win Big: Real-life medical scenarios at Gus Macker Tournament

The Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday
and Sunday, June 16th and 17th in Wausau, Wisconsin.  The medical assisting department accepted an invite to volunteer at the tournament’s first aid tent sponsored by the Bone and Joint Clinic of Wausau.

Students worked first hand on  injuries ranging from abrasions, dislocations, sutures, staples, rolled ankles, and even an arterial bleed!  Students handed out numerous ice bags and Ibuprofen.

“This event was so exciting and a great learning experience for all of the student volunteers and instructors–Kerry Miller-Mouzon, Jessica Dale, and myself,” said Christine Senkevicius, Medical Assisting Program Chair for Globe University-Wausau.  “In the end, the networking was wonderful and led to two guest speakers coming to our campus and teaching different specialized procedures next quarter!!”

“I just want to let my students know how proud
we are of them and acknowledge the impact of real-life volunteerism in the field that builds students’ passion for the medical assisting field; adding the spark that ignites each of their
career paths.”

Senkevicius and the Medical Assisting Program are already signed up and looking forward to volunteering for 2013’s Gus Macker Tournament.  Thanks to Gus Macker for building community through education!