Medical Students Gaining Experience In and Out Of Classroom

Medical assistant students at the Globe University campus have been very busy inside and outside the classroom. Students enrolled in this program have been working to enhance their skills by practicing procedures such as blood drawing, blood pressures, and patient interaction.

Students have also been busy working with different community partners the past few weeks. MA students enrolled in the CMA review course as well as Patient Care I helped Aseracare with an their Butterfly Release event. At this event members from the community were able to buy and release butterflies in memory of individuals they have lost. There was also a program and lunch provided for those who attended the event. This is the first time Globe University was involved in this event and everything went great. The event manager stated “It was a wonderful night, and it would not have been possible without all of your help. Everything went so smoothly and I am hearing very positive comments!” The students were also able to understand another side of the medical world.

The Butterfly Release is not the only event MA students have been involved with. Several students and some instructors from the campus helped with the Safety Tent at the Sioux Empire Fair. Students interacted with children in the community to help teach them about different safety topics such as water safety. This was the second year that Globe University has helped with the safety tent at the fair. This year a little over 10,000 children attended attended the safety rent.