Minneapolis Student Cedric Harris III creates AIDS/HIV awareness event: ‘Coming Together to Make a Change”

Globe University student Cedric Harris has partnered with the Hughes Foundation and New Vision Faith Center to host an event centered around HIV/AIDS awareness

In his Fall Quarter 2011 Global Citizenship class, Cedric Harris III has been focusing on an event dedicated to bringing people together for a cause. Harris has partnered with the Hughes Foundation and the New Vision Faith Center to plan an event that will be held this Friday, December 2 from 4—6pm. The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS and those affected. Speakers include Jerry Hughes from the Hughes Foundation, Dr. Loyace Forman Jr. from the New Vision Faith Center and Danita Wilson, an African American woman diagnosed with HIV.

 The Hughes Foundation is an organization created by Jerry Hughes as a lifeline for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. It serves people in India, Namibia, Panama and the United States and its volunteers and donors have made a commitment to global awareness of HIV/AIDS. For more information about the Hughes Foundation, please visit their website at http://hfhope.org.

The New Vision Faith Center works to “build people of vision and faith.” Together, these speakers work to enlighten, not frighten; to encourage, not discourage; and to make a change, not be estranged.

Harris’ event also includes speaker Danita Wilson, an HIV positive African American woman. Globe University student Cedric Harris is Wilson’s son and understands how families are affected by HIV. “I want this event to help bring awareness to this cause,” Harris said. “This is something very close to me since Danita is my mother and I want others to understand how HIV can affect families.”

The event will be held at 801 Front Ave in St. Paul, which is right off the 3B bus route between Lexington and Dale. It is free to attend and a light snack will be provided. For more information, please contact Heather Bessard at (612) 455-3029 or hbessard@globeuniversity.edu.