Mock Car Crash Signifies Texting and Driving Dangers

College students show middle, high school students consequences of popular pastime

Globe University-Eau Claire students in a Global Citizenship class organized and planned a “Do Not Text and Drive” presentation and mock fatal car crash for Eleva-Strum middle and high school students.

The mock fatal car crash showed the Eleva-Strum students the dangers of texting while driving. Globe students invited a coroner, police officers and first responders—members of the community involved in accidents and fatalities in real life—to speak at the event.

The students planned a presentation on this topic because of the high level of fatalities and accidents associated with texting while driving. Middle and high school-aged students were a logical audience because many of them are at or near the driving age. Students at this age also use text messaging as a main form of communication with their friends.

The Globe students showed the middle and high school students the serious consequence that texting has on drivers, family, friends and the community.