MSB-Blaine Students Collaborate On a Business Plan for Stack Breaker

Students enrolled in the small business management class at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine worked together on a business plan for Stack Breaker, which is a small business located in Blaine, MN.


Small Business Management Students with Instructor Dave Erickson and Stack Breaker Owner Ron Mahle

According to its website, Stack Breaker provides “customers with a unique exhaust adapter that allows you to reduce the height of your exhaust stack like no other product on the market. Stack Breaker ® is the ONLY patented, handle and hinged design that makes your exhaust stacks shorter.”

The class project involved business students learning about the concept of entrepreneurship for the first time, then demonstrating the business planning and teamwork process in order to plan and write the various elements of a business plan customized to fit the needs and wants of the business owner.

One student from the class had this to say about the project, “I personally enjoyed and believe that I benefitted most from working on the business plan for Ron. Being able to look at a business from all aspects and potential hazards and goals has been the hardest and most rewarding thing for me.”

The final plan included all the basic elements of the plan: executive summary and company background, operations, product description, marketing and promotion, market analysis, financial statements, and recommendations.  The plan was presented to Ron Mahle, owner of Stack Breaker, during the last week of the class.

“In their final assessment of the class, many of the students took away some valuable lessons in writing business plans, both on behalf of Stack Breaker and for their own individual business dreams as well,” added business program Chair Dave Erickson.