Much Needed Relief: Students Educate and Offer Massage to Pregnant Women

This quarter, students in the Pregnancy and Special Populations class focused on the pregnancy population for their service and applied learning project. Their project included researching everything about pregnancy massage and developing handouts for clients to take home to reference. Then during a class, the students presented their findings to a group of clients followed by a 90 minute pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Matthew Tolbert, massage therapy student explains the intake and assessment forms for his client, Emily.

“We chose pregnancy because it was something a lot of us were interested in,” explained Matthew Tolbert, second quarter massage therapy student at Globe University-Madison West. “It’s one of those topics that I feel that you want to be really knowledgeable about before you start practicing on people, because pregnancy is such a special and important thing.”

The presentation covered the benefits of pregnancy massage, which includes: reduction of fatigue, headaches and insomnia. They then went into detail on the three trimesters, how their bodies change, common discomforts, massage contraindications and considerations. Lastly, the class spoke on what the clients can expect on receiving a pregnancy massage. This includes instructions on how to lie on the table, pillow placement and draping.

Emily Dunbar received a massage from a massage therapy student.

“It was good. I thought the students were very professional and well put together. My massage was absolutely great,” Emily said. “I felt that the student was very knowledgeable in what he was doing, and overall it was a really great experience.”

Massage Therapy school

Pregnancy and Special Populations students are all smiles after a successful service and applied learning project

Massage therapy students also reflected on their project with great enthusiasm.

“This project was really interesting and exciting for me,” shared Matthew Tolbert, massage therapy student. “Mainly because one of the things I did was teach people how to do self-massage on their chest. It was really empowering to watch everybody in the room follow along and practice what I was teaching them. I know that is something that they are going to take home and utilize.”

“I was surprised what I found in my research,” added Ariel Sigg, massage therapy student. “I didn’t think I would found that much. I know not to do deep pressure on the abdomen, but I thought you couldn’t do deep pressure at all, but you can actually apply deep pressure, specifically on the lower back, hips and pelvic area.”

“I think that pregnancy massage is something that’s misunderstood,” stated Scott Fry, massage therapy student. “Pregnant women should look into massage as it keeps their muscles in the correct shape, especially with all the changes that are going on in their body.”

Congratulations to our massage therapy students for reaching out to a special population that can really benefit from massage.