Networking Success in the Music Industry

Music businessThe only way to truly learn about networking is to actually do it. That’s exactly what music business students did in their class, Entertainment Networking & Self Promotion. Students were charged with making connections that would generate professional opportunities and further their insight of the music industry as part of a Lunch and Learn networking series. The goal was to identify music industry professionals that model their aspirations and simply call them up to ask for a meeting.

Globe University Music business student Amanda Jones contacted Roy Elkins, CEO and founder of Broadjam, and convinced this incredibly busy executive to meet with the class at the Broadjam offices. The one hour presentation he intended to give stretched into 3 hours. The students not only learned about networking.  They learned about the music business and they learned about life.

All the students came away with wisdom to remember.  Amanda Jones commented on the many tidbits of knowledge and information she received: “A product, song, or service isn’t early or late, it’s good or bad.” Student Breyon Sommerville learned what to do and what not to do at a networking conference: “Don’t throw your CDs in their face.  Create a good impression and think in terms of a long-term relationship.” Student Elliot Christensen liked Roy Elkins’ TOP 40 system for networking. Roy keeps a top 40 list of people who could help his career, and contacts them on a regular basis. Trish Alt related to Roy’s wisdom on the importance of getting out of one’s comfort zone in order to grow.

Elkins shared personal stories about how every odd job from his struggling days taught him something about life and business. He ended the presentation by giving each student a free membership to Broadjam, valued at $200.

In the end Amanda’s objectives were met. She made a lifelong connection with a major music industry figure and learned a lot about the business, and herself, in the process.