Student Creates New Contemporary Layout for Volunteer Guide

Annie Owens, an Interactive Media & Game Design student at Globe University Green Bay, has had to meet with several representatives from the Volunteer Center of Brown County and an external marketing company to complete this project.

Her role is to acquire all of the assets needed to create the publication including copy, advertisements and related articles. She will also acquire or take photographs as they relate to the publication.  This will require coordinating volunteers for a photo shoot, arranging model release forms, process and correct photography and prepare for production.  Additionally, Annie may be required to reconstruct logos or perhaps entire advertisements that would appear in the catalog.

Once all of the assets are assembled into the catalog template, Annie will need to arrange subsequent meetings with all of the decision makers in the process for various rounds of proofing and make any necessary corrections and/or changes.  After all of the changes and proof reading have been completed, Annie will be present at the printing for a press check to ensure the project is printed to the correct specifications.   Annie has continued to work with Schneider National as they have provided the printing of this guide. 

Annie stated “I am redoing or redesigning the volunteer center’s guide book for 2012 and having a lot of fun with it!”   The Program Chair for IMGD, Bart Putzer, said that he is “confident that when the project reaches completion in early 2012 that the Volunteer Center will have a successful publication that they will be proud to distribute throughout the community.”