Pampering Anyone?

Getting your nails done is always a fancy treat, however most people forget how beneficial it is for animals to have their nails done as well. Globe University Sioux Falls Vet Tech students did just that, they partnered with Your Pet Stop and hosted a nail trimming and dental check clinic.
This is the second go round for this type of clinic provided by the students. The first clinic occurred in Early Fall Quarter, and the second clinic was November 12. The students enrolled in Introduction to Veterinary Technology and Application of Advanced Clinical Skills worked together to host this event.
The students were able to practice their hands-on skills and knowledge they have received while at Globe and help the community at the same time. They were able to work on restraints as well as breed knowledge, nail trimming, client education, and dental checks.
The community and Your Pet Stop were more than appreciative. We had over 50 individuals from the Sioux Falls community come and most of them brought more than one animal, some even brought four. Your Pet Stop is more than ready for the next clinic, which is set to happen in February 2012.