Paralegal Helping with Immigration in Minnesota? You Betcha!

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“This experience broadened my view of what immigration is about, and who is an immigrant.” Paralegal student- Amy Erickson

Paralegal degree program students at Globe University participate in field work as they near the end of their academic training. Student Amy Erickson’s experience provided many new opportunities as she looks to enter the paralegal industry.

In Globe University’s Field Preparation course, students integrate theoretical concepts and practical applications presented throughout their previous courses.

As part of this course, Amy volunteered at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid.  Legal Aid works in the civil law arena to service low income groups, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities.  This organization serves the Mid-Central Regions of Minnesota such as St. Cloud. 

Amy’s responsibilities included reviewing immigration files, scanning documents for electronic filing, and locating immigration notices.  This was Amy’s first experience in working with actual legal files and she learned about the vast amount of paperwork required for obtaining U.S. citizenship. 

“This experience broadened my view of what immigration is about, and who is an immigrant,” Amy said.

Amy’s learning went beyond the forms and filing, though. As a child, Amy lived in Texas and had some familiarity with the immigration challenges that affect individuals looking for citizenship.  Amy also realized that this complex process can play a huge part in immigrants’ lives on a global scale.

Students in the paralegal programs at Globe University learn theory as well as practical application in this interesting and challenging arena.  Learn more about paralegal career options by clicking here.