Presentation Sheds Light on Landlord & Tenant Law

Real Estate Law Students Explore Rights and Share with Community

Students share valuable information about landlord/tenant law.

Globe University-Appleton students shared valuable knowledge of landlord and tenant law with fellow students, staff and community members during a presentation open to the public in the school commons.
Before starting the project, students were asked to find ways to provide the public with their rights, duties and obligations when renting. They were also required to provide information regarding rights and obligations of landlords. The end of the presentation also included useful links, information and organizations that might help them if they had any additional questions.
Student Shannon Wolf reflected on the project by noting how proud she was that she was sharing valuable information with people that could use it.
“The members of the audience were able to find out where they could look themselves for more information regarding renting in Wisconsin,” Wolf said, “We shared information that they may not have known.”
Paralegal Program Chair Peggy Miller said the students also had to learn to work to put the presentation together as a team. “The used publisher to create a professional handout and also had to speak publicly to present the information gathered.”