Professional Attire on a Budget: Globe University Students Learn How

Students showcasing their professional dress models

Students from Globe University-Woodbury‘s Professional Communications classes teamed up with Turn Style Consignment for an applied learning project where they work in teams to create interview-appropriate outfits for their professional etiquette unit.

Each team had one hour to pull together a professional outfit for a team member, and then present it to the experts at Turn Style.

Student Responses from Applied Learning Project

“In doing this applied learning activity, I feel more prepared and confident for possible interviews because it gave me ideas. The activity showed you can look nice for an interview without breaking the bank,” said Haley Boettger, massage therapy student.

“I’m a hands-on learner and this exceeded my expectations,” said Kristi Hambleton, veterinary technology student. “I think this applied learning activity turned out very good. It was very creative! I really enjoyed the experience and seeing all the different trends each team came up with.”

“It can seem so easy but once you actually have to put an outfit together, it takes some thought,” said Rebecca Rice, massage therapy student.

“I definitely feel a lot more prepared than I did before, and I can confidently say it helped me know where to start when choosing a professional outfit,” said Haley Schrommer, veterinary technology student.

“Overall, I really enjoy this project. The subject of professional dress is something we all will need in the near future,” said Sarah Ehnstrom, paralegal student.

Why This Applied Learning Project?

According to Brenna O’Connor, instructor of Professional Communications, this project enables the students to utilize their interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills by working in groups. This also allows the students to realize the importance of professional attire and how it can be affordable.

“This project also gave the students a hands-on experience in teamwork, professional etiquette, and a variety of other communication skills that were practiced and developed during this activity,” said Brenna.


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